Welcome, dear reader, I am Yılmaz Uçar, I was born in Kahramanmaraş Pazarcık on 23/10/1998. I lived my first 4 years of age in the village of Aşağı Rezolar(37.369214, 37.351286), 45 kilometers from Gaziantep. After 4 years, my family moved to Gaziantep so that my Gaziantep life started. I studied elementary and middle school education in the first 8 years in a ghetto school where students with poor financial conditions (Ahmet Yesevi İlkokulu). After 8 years of education, I took 448 out of 500 points from SBS (Placement Exam) with the name of that period and started Ayten Kemal Akınal Anatolian High School, the second most respected Anatolian high school in Gaziantep. Although the social change I experienced in my first year affected my GPA, I easily overcame this situation and graduated from the school in 2016.  I registered to AGÜ Civil Engineering in August 2016 with the score I got from the University Entrance Exam. I completed the preparatory education, which I normally need to complete in the first year of the University, in 1.5 years due to the outstanding failure and I started my undergraduate education in the spring semester of 2017-2018.

·         Computer Games
I met with the computer late age due to the social conditions and at the beginning of my high school education. I started to play computer games actively over time (especially the first year of the university ) even though I initially used for only as a social media. My favorite games and my profiles are below.
1.      CSGO(1800 Hours)
2.      Ark: Survival Evolded (453 Hours)
3.      Football Manager (217 Hours)
4.      Euro Truck Simulator 2 (110 Hours)
5.      Player Unknow Battle Ground (90 Hours t)
6.      And other small games

Steam (ePix ) <3 m="" nbsp="" span="">https://steamcommunity.com/id/ePixisback/
Epic Games (yilmazuc4r)
Origin (yilmazuc4r)

·         Camp And Nature Activities
I spent a lot of summer in the mountains, as the general way of living of my family were livestock and our village was very hot in summer. These times settled in me like a seed and established an unbreakable bond with nature. My favorite activity is walking in the mountains and picking plants whenever possible

·         WebMaster
In order to earn money and get a professional job, I am trying to create and improve the photo design and HTML-based sites in my spare time.
            My first goal after completing my University Life as a civil engineer is to go to Australia and have permanent residence permit here. If Australia is not my second option, Japan


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